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Invicta University is the teaching and certification arm of Invicta Ministries

Deliverance Counseling

Deliverance Counseling serves to prepare an individual who is to receive Inner Healing and Technical Deliverance ministry. It consists of the teaching, encouraging and guidance that the Invicta-Trained Deliverance Minister imparts before initiating prayer. Deliverance Counseling places the individual who will receive ministry into the optimal position to receive God’s healing. Deliverance Counseling lays the proper foundation for a successful session.

Inner Healing

Inner Healing is the healing of the mind or soul. This healing consists primarily of the healing of the dissociated parts of the mind; however, there are other important elements to Inner Healing as well.

Inner Healing can also be referred to as the binding up of the broken heart. In most deliverance cases, proper Inner Healing is an essential prerequisite that must be done in order for the expulsion of demons to take place.

Technical Deliverance

Technical Deliverance refers to the class of deliverance whereby legal rights are broken and removed before demons are confronted and cast out. Technical Deliverance is received first and foremost by Christian believers. 

The Three Levels of Invicta University

The IU certification program consists of three sequential Levels. Each Level is one Course.
Within each Level:
  • Enrollment is always open
  • Lectures are PDF-based
  • Students work through the Lectures at their own pace
  • All enrolled students are invited to participate in Learning Community
Level 1: Core Principles of Deliverance and Inner Healing
(available for enrollment now)

Level 1 of Invicta University imparts foundational knowledge, core vocabulary, and key theological concepts. Course Level 1 prepares the student of IU to move on to the practical levels of Level 2 and Level 3. All new students must begin in Level 1. Invicta University is not a crash course in deliverance. IU is a thorough, methodical, and intense course of instruction.

The Level 1 program consists of 30 Sections and more than 50 PDF-based Lectures. In addition, Mark and Jana meet bi-weekly with enrolled students over Zoom to encourage, answer questions, and teach. These online meetings are called Learning Community. As a student, you will see that IU is not just an online school; it is a professional learning community made up of serious students of deliverance just like you!

Level 2: Practices and Procedures of the Ministry of Deliverance
(available now–new Lectures being posted weekly)

The Level 2 Course curriculum builds on the core foundational knowledge that was acquired in Level 1. Level 2 begins to focus on training the student in the pragmatic execution of the three deliverance ministry discipline areas. In other words, in Level 2, the student will begin to learn the step-by-step procedures that he or she will need to know in order to sit in real sessions with real individuals seeking deliverance and healing. Successful completion of Level 1 is a prerequisite for enrollment in Level 2.

Level 2 is the first certification Level. Upon successful completion of IU Level 2, the graduate is now Invicta-Certified as Deliverance Minister and Inner Healer.

Level 3: Advanced Topics and Deliverance Ministry Operations
(available end of 2022)

The Level 3 Course curriculum is primarily for those students who know that they have been called to actively conduct this ministry full-time and at the highest levels. Invicta University Course Level 3 builds on the knowledge and practices acquired in Level 2 and goes on to explore many advanced ministry topics such as deliverance ministry operations. Successful completion of Level 2 is a prerequisite for enrollment in Level 3.

Upon successful completion of IU Level 3, the graduate is now Invicta-Certified as Professional Deliverance Minister and Inner Healer.

The Children's Bread

Enrollment in Level 1 of Invicta University includes a free digital copy (PDF) of Mark’s popular 344-page book, The Children’s Bread, Second Edition. This book demonstrates both theologically and practically how born-again Christian believers can indeed have demons, and therefore need deliverance from these demons. It puts to rest the arguments of the NDMC’s (the non-deliverance ministry Christians) that attempt to “prove” that Christian believers couldn’t possibly have any need for deliverance.

The Children’s Bread, Second Edition also serves as a textbook for IU. It covers many fundamental concepts that the Level 1 student of IU is expected to master. If you would like to have a physical copy in addition to the PDF version of the book, there are two purchase options:

Click HERE to order on Amazon for about $25.00.

Or, call 954-892-9710 if you would like a signed and personally dedicated copy.

Mark and Jana Chase

Mark and Jana have ministered deliverance to thousands of individuals. They do this ministry full-time conducting public meetings as well as private sessions. Now, Mark and Jana are excited to impart to you, what they have learned about this ministry through both experience and revelation.  

If God is giving you the nudge to learn this ministry in order to minister healing to His Church, then Invicta Certification may be for you. Invicta University is a three-Level sequential learning curriculum that offers professional certification in the ministry of deliverance and inner healing. Invicta Certification might be important for you if you plan on taking this ministry to your church or some other Christian organization.

By enrolling in Invicta University, you will have opportunities to learn directly from Mark and Jana during Learning Community. And as a student of IU, you will learn and master the Invicta Paradigm, which is the way that we see and do things here at Invicta. The foundation of the Invicta Paradigm is repentance and submission to Jesus. 

Invicta University is the online teaching and certification arm of Invicta Ministries of Deliverance and Inner Healing which is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA.

Mark and Jana bless you and declare huge blessings over your ministry!