Invicta University Learning Community (IULC)

One of the unique features of Invicta University is our professional learning community. We call it Invicta University Learning Community, or IULC.

IULC permits you, the student of IU, to regularly interact with other students who are enrolled in your Level as well as with Mark and Jana. IULC is a time of professional learning, sharing, fellowship, and teaching. IULC is held on a biweekly basis on Sundays at 5 PM EST (New York time) over Zoom. All enrolled students receive an invitation to IULC via email the day before. Attendance at IULC is not mandatory for Course completion. It is there to enrich your learning experience at IU.

We hope to see you soon at IULC!

IULC Schedule

Level 1

Next Level 1 IULC:

April 24, 2021 @ 11 AM EST (New York time)

*Note: This IULC was originally going to be held on Sunday, April 25th. However, it has been moved to Saturday, April 24th. As usual, the Zoom invitation will be emailed about 24 hours prior to the event. 

Click HERE for a great time zone converter, for those who live at different ends of the world.

Note: All enrolled students receive an emailed invitation to IULC about 24 hours before the event. If you are an enrolled student and you have not received an invitation to IULC by the day of the event, contact us @ 954-892-9710. For those outside the USA, remember, we are on WhatsApp @ +1 9548929710